Your Architect / Designer

We can also build what you architect or design

If you are considering or have already hired an architect or designer for your dental office construction, renovation or remodeling work, don’t wait until the design is complete to bring us onboard. Whether your budget is fixed or unlimited, we can help minimize ambiguity and optimize overall value. Below is a diagram of the traditional design-bid-build process.

In this process 2, 3, 4 or more bidders competitively bid design plans and specifications. Unfortunately, this method can be tedious, time consuming and expensive. In addition, many contractors and builders rely on design mistakes and omissions to cover shortfalls they may have missed during the bidding process. Establishing realistic budgets early in the process can reduce administrative costs, design fees and unforeseen expense. By working collaboratively with your design team, you will have peace of mind before and throughout the project. We ensure that we can effectively bid and build with your architect/ design team for outstanding dental offices.